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Johan Ståhlberg

How Fashion Stories want to change the way the Fashion Industry communicate – Part 1

Making content that creates a relationship and a bond between your brand and the people that follows you is hard. But it is also crucial and what we believe is the key for a successful social media strategy. So how do we aim to do it?

It all comes down to how we would like a brand that we like interacted and behaved towards us on social media and in their digital communication. How we would like to be met, greeted and supported by from the brand that helps us define who we are.

We think that if you look at communication this way you can come a long way with your social channels.

So what does this mean in more definable way?

Let’s say you are a huge fan of Acne Studios for example. Besides loving their clothes and buying half their collection each season, you are deeply interested in their design and communications agency.

You receive their newsletter every week, following them on Instagram, Facebook and creating your own style boards for each day of the week on Pinterest. Its safe to say you are a true fan of their work, values and way of life.

How should Acne act on social media to nourish their fans and to attract others?

It’s both a hard and an easy question. The short answer is to be including and encourage their fans to be communicative with them.

The more complex answer is about how the Facebook algorithm works, having your fans in mind more than for a sale and to be able to communicate in more than a two way dialogue.

The Facebook algorithm is learning from what you do. Obviously you click on everything you see coming from Acne in your news feed. You like, comment and share their content and take your time to watch their videos.

Edge Rank learns that you want more from Acne because you spend time on them. It also shows you similar brands and content to Acne that you might enjoy and what your friends with similar interest that you speak to on a daily bases on the platform.

To summarize, if you make content that your fans (and other) will like enough that they will click like, comment or share it, it will make your post pop up in their feed more and the next time you post.

Disclaimer: Acne is just an example to illustrate the text. Fashion Stories has not worked with Acne or the content of the text do not reflect on their real life social media work.

Johan Ståhlberg, Creative Visualization

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