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Johan Ståhlberg

(Part 2) How Fashion Stories want to change the way the Fashion Industry communicate

Our way of life when creating “likeable” content is to make it inclusive for the ones who read in their feed. We do this by making the fans a part of the campaign and the brand.

A great example for this is an idea we had. That fashion brands love user generated content (ugc) where their fans post images using their products is no news. But what if you create content and putting your fans in it? Our idea for this jeans brand was to first create a competition asking their fans to show their best and creative jeans-style (and during the competition of course repost some awesome styles for others inspiration). The brand then selects a few winners to use their upcoming collection to create the best looks they can with their own personal touch. Maybe someone cut/paste together several pants form the collection, maybe someone style it in a very unexpected way.

Fashionistas and fans first

We gather all the winners’ for a photo-shoot to make images for social media, print and whatever the brand desires. We also follow them with a video camera at home when creating their style and interview them on location for the shoot to pick their brain about the best jeans style of tomorrow. This way we include fans and show we really care about them, their style and vision. And we create interesting content for the upcoming collection for the jeans brand to share in all their channels and use for advertising.
For us this is a great example of how you make good, including and engaging content for social media. Use the dearest thing you have, your fans, make them a part of your brand and social feed in a deeper way that just a like.

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Johan Ståhlberg, Creative Visualization

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